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I help you create amazing pieces of jewellery. 

Jewellery that captures the emotion behind the piece, that represents who you are, that works for your lifestyle,

and will make you smile everytime you look at them.


Either remodelling pieces that lie unworn in your jewellery box, or sourcing the perfect gemstones and creating the right design, we can work together to produce something special, meaningful and lasting. Using British craftspeople, manufacturing and design, each piece is planned so the right person works on each stage of your jewellery.


Every item of jewellery is worked on by many people, all of whom are chosen for their skill in that area. It starts as your dream and my technical concept and comes to life with the designer, designs are produced for you to see and check the details. Then a model is made so you can see and feel what the piece will look like in 3D. It is then either cast or handmade in precious metal, the mounter finishes the body, the setter hand carves seats for the stones and gently moulds the metal round them to securely hold the stones. The metal is tested at the London Assay Office for purity, and stamped with a Hallmark to prove it is correct, as had been done for over 700 years. It is then finished by the polisher so it is perfect.

It all starts with you, with your story. I love hearing the stories behind the jewellery. Why you are making it, what it means to you, and creating something beautiful, meaningful and wearable that tells that story. 


You deserve amazing jewellery.


Request an appointment to come and see me for afternoon tea, in my beautiful 14th Century office on the river, Let's talk. Tell me the stories of your jewellery, tell me what means something to you, tell me about the jewellery you own, and the jewellery you would love to own.

This is my ring, my story. Jasmine, my Mother-In-Common-Law (she always laughed when I called her that!), who I loved dearly, died unexpectedly September 2018. I inherited a 22ct gold band from her, that she had inherited from her own much loved Mother-In-Law.


This ring was made by a jeweller I adore, who I work with training his staff in gemstones and diamonds. It was made by melting the gold down and casting it in sand. The sand used was from the beach at Paignton where I played as a child. It was then set with a mixture of orange, brown and yellow diamonds 


Every detail about this ring was planned, so it has real meaning and contains so much emotion. It means so much to me and I love it, it makes me happy when I see it sparkling on my hand, and I fondly remember Jasmine.