I want to share with you previous pieces of jewellery I have created. These are exactly the type of jewellery I love creating, I love hearing the stories behind the jewellery. Why you are making it, what it means to you, and creating something beautiful, meaningful and wearable.  You deserve amazing jewellery.


Make an appointment (xxx button!) to come and see me, let's talk. Tell me the stories of your jewellery, tell me what means something to you, tell me about the jewellery you own, and the jewellery you would love to own.


Let's make new memories.

This is my ring, my story. Jasmine, my Mother-In-Common-Law (she always laughed when I called her that!), who I loved dearly, died unexpectedly September 2018. I inherited a 22ct gold band from her, that she had inherited from her own much loved Mother-In-Law.


This ring was made by a jeweller I adore, who I work with training his staff in gemstones and diamonds. It was made by melting the gold down and casting it in sand. The sand used was from the beach at Paignton where I played as a child. It was then set with a mixture of orange, brown and yellow diamonds 


Every detail about this ring was planned, so it has real meaning and contains so much emotion. It means so much to me and I love it, it makes me happy when I see it sparkling on my hand, and I fondly remember Jasmine.

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