Is it real? What is it worth?

A fascinating and insightful look into the wonderful world of jewellery

After nineteen years in the jewellery industry studying jewellery, gemstones and people, I have come to realise that there are certain questions that I will invariably get asked as soon as someone knows that I am a gemmologist and jeweller. Usually I am presented with a gemstone or a piece of jewellery and asked two particular questions:

“Is it real?”
“What is it worth?”

What is interesting is that neither of these questions are as easy to answer as they initially seem!

Using my extensive experience as a jeweller, gemmologist, diamond grader and trader, as well as drawing on everything I have learnt within the jewellery, insurance and pawn broking industry, I will guide you through the following: What is ‘real’? How do you tell? And, when you know what something is, how do you value it?

This talk is designed for consumers interested to know more about jewellery and gemstones — particularly their own pieces — and it is therefore advantageous that time is set aside for people to show their items that they want to know more about. The talk also covers the ways that jewellery can be looked after, protected, and, importantly, how to maximise the value and pleasure that can be gained from them.


I have given similar talks many times over the years at international conferences and various organisations, all of which have been well received, with extremely positive feedback from delegates who have been both educated and entertained.

If you are interested in this talk for your group or event, or are interested in me delivering a talk on another subject, please Contact me.


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