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Biography - Kerry Gregory FGA DGA

Kerry Gregory has been working in the jewellery industry for nineteen years. A qualified Gemmologist and Diamond Grader, Kerry has ensured that she continuously educates herself to a high standard on all aspects of the trade, and spends a great deal of time passing on this knowledge to other professionals in the industry, as well as on to consumers to help them gain the most from their jewellery.

Kerry is well-known and respected within the jewellery and gemmology industry and has delivered practical workshops and presentations at professional organisations, conferences and events within the UK and USA. She teaches the Gemmology and Diamond Diplomas for The Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) and the Professional Practices module of the BSc in Gemmology and Jewellery Studies degree course at Birmingham City University (BCU) — the only gemmology degree course in the UK. She has written a number of articles on practical gemmology in several trade publications, and is on the Board of Trustees at Gem-A. A member of several professional bodies, including Gem-A, GIA and the Accredited Gemologists Association, Kerry prides herself on her professionalism, integrity and transparency in business.

The Birth of Family Jewels

Family Jewels was conceived when Kerry was asked to help sort her grandmother’s jewellery — the time had come for her grandmother to live in a nursing home and could not take all of her jewellery with her. Working closely with her grandmother and aunt, Kerry talked through the jewellery with her family; finding out what was special and treasured by her grandmother, what needed to be kept and looked after, and also which pieces were no longer worn and therefore needed to find new homes. Whilst an extremely sad process, it was also inspiring for Kerry, and she realised that there were hundreds of people in similar situations; people who had jewellery they had inherited or acquired that needed to be identified, valued and cared for, or jewellery that they no longer wore and which needed to find new homes, but that these people had little or no acquaintance with a jeweller that they could trust to assist them —thus Family Jewels was born.

Having bought, sold, cared for and created thousands of pieces of gem-set jewellery, as well as identified and traded countless gemstones in her time, Kerry has gained a wealth of expertise in the gem and jewellery trade and has built up a network of trusted and skilled gem and jewellery professionals. Above all, Kerry understands that the value of jewellery is not in the metals and minerals it is made from, but in the stories, memories, emotions and people associated with it —to Kerry, being part of the story is what it is all about. Whether you simply want to identify and sell your own jewellery or jewellery you have inherited, or learn how to care for it, or even create something personal to you, Kerry will ensure you get the best advice and will deliver an exceptional, personal service, making Family Jewels the perfect solution to your jewellery needs.